About SignpostingHealth

About SignpostingHealth

“Helping patients choose the best help, first time”

SignpostingHealth is an Active Signposting programme developed by the Nottingham City General Practice Alliance. NCGPA are a federation of 47 GP Practices in Nottingham City.


What is ‘Signposting’?

We developed SignpostingHealth to help our practices meet the challenge set by NHS England and the RCGP in the GP Forward View, to deliver ‘Active Signposting’ training to all GP Receptionists.

People are living longer and are developing more complicated illnesses; which is putting pressure on health care services such as your local GP surgery. This increasing number of patients also means it can be hard to get an appointment with your GP as quickly as you would perhaps like.

For some symptoms, patients may be able to self-care or go directly to the service they require, without the need for seeing their GP. But given the volume of services available, how is the patient to know how to access them or indeed which one they need?

SignpostingHealth has been developed specifically to address this. It involves specialist training of GP Surgery reception and clerical teams, so that they can become ‘signposters’.  As a ‘signposter’, they are trained to ask you, the patient, about your condition and then provide information on any services or self-care sources that you may be able to access for your symptoms.

Here on the SignpostingHealth.com website, you will be able to find key information on self-care and services that may assist you in getting the best help, first time.

We hope that you enjoy using our website and resources and that they help to smooth your journey through the healthcare system.

SignpostingHealth includes:

  • A simple and quick 4 step process performed as receptionists take appointment requests
  • A focus on empowering patients to find service and self care information for themselves in the future
  • Excellent training for receptionists including video modules for revision and new staff
  • Practice Signposting Champion and Whole Staff training for effective change management
  • Clinical system template to prompt receptionists, document safely and collect outcome data
  • SignpostingHealth.com website with directory of popular services and self care information
  • Patient promotion and engagement tools and campaign – Everyone needs to know about SignpostingHealth!

Patient safety is of paramount importance:

  • Training and web resources include information about dealing with “Red Flag” or potentially life threatening symptoms
  • Patient choice and empowerment are central to our system. We provide INFORMATION about available services and self care. We DO NOT provide triage, assessment or medical advice. It is the patient who chooses what to do and retains responsibility for their actions.
  • Our training is developed from Health Education England’s Care Navigation Competency Framework.

Bring SignpostingHealth to your GP Practice or area

If  you would like to discuss bringing SignpostingHealth to your GP Surgery or Area then please click the link below and request information from our team.

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